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Cammie Scott admits she doesn’t know everything. But in a society where people don’t ask enough questions out of fear of feeling stupid or maybe offending someone - Cammie is doing the asking for you. Every week she’ll talk to a new guest to help educate her on different topics with first hand experiences to try to better understand. In turn, the hope is to make the world and us a little bit smarter.

a yellow minute

A Yellow Minute, hosted by Kourtney Benson is an exceptional addition to your morning coffee, to wind down your afternoon or to assist you on long drives. Whatever the occasion, each episode is like sitting with your best friend and chatting about all things navigating these times called our 20's. 

she's making moves

She’s Making Moves is a podcast dedicated to embracing your inner mess while also hitting your goals (we believe it IS possible to do both).

love that for you

Jules and Pat are newly husband and wife, figuring out life as they go and bringing you along with them. From relationship advice to guest interviews and keeping things real, they got you covered. Tune in for real shit with real people.

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